Anne and Reggie, wedding at Stoke Park in Bucks – 21st July 2017

Ross and I were just so unbelievably overwhelmed and impressed with how incredibly talented you ALL are!  Every single guest…EVERY SINGLE ONE…has commented on how you guys are the best band they have ever seen at a wedding / event.  I’m not sure what I was expecting but our expectations were blown away completely.  I mean, who knows and plays RnB that well and then follows up with an hour of just the best hits?!!  The best, best band!  So clearly I need to think a bit of the review and will make sure it’s the right amount of gush and I will absolutely post it on all the pages you need.
Geoff, thank you again for keeping us all dancing and having fun.  We wanted it to be so special for our guests and you guys were the sparkly diamonds on the top of the tiara! Thank you!!
Anne and Reggie, wedding at Stoke Park in Bucks, 21st July 2017

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