Tanya and Jon Cook, Jewish Wedding at Botley’s Mansion in Surrey

Getting the music right is such a crucial part of a wedding but we got it spot on when we contacted you. From the beginning you were so flexible and friendly offering a truly personalised service. The fact that you made sure that every detail was just right totally put us at ease and meant that we knew we were in safe hands. I knew we would have great party!
What a party it was…. everyone commented on the musicianship but also how right for us it was – you really captured what we were trying to create. From the first burst of  music everyone was hooked and the quality kept coming.
Awesome, Amazing and Incredible were words that I constantly heard people describing you as, everyone was so impressed. I kept looking around at the full dance floor and smiling, and the fact that everyone was shouting for more at the end was more than we could have hoped for.
Anyway I could go on all day – thank you so so much for working so hard to make our day so special – you really were a crucial element of the day, We were really lucky to find you!

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