Neil & Joanna Cross, Wedding in Lymington, Hants 19th May 2012

I wanted to contact you directly to express our thanks and gratitude personally (well via email) for the service and performance that we received on our special day. From the minute the band arrived, through to the performance itself, the band were ultimate professionals and delivered a flawless performance. I cannot sing your praises high enough..although I will try!
It was great to meet them all and have a little bit of banter/interaction prior to the performance. It made it feel more personal for me and they helped to calm my nerves before delivering my speech (I was in the bar building up my Dutch courage and despite my offers, I could not tempt them to partake of a little tipple with me – which again is great testament to their total professionalism)!
The choice of music and the delivery was top class. The dance floor was packed and we even had people up dancing that never normally dance, even after a drink or 3! That’s how good they were!! I even had to be dragged off the floor at one point to speak to some guests that were leaving…but I was soon back!!! I wanted to savour every moment.
It is obvious that they all enjoy performing and that helped to create the party/friendly atmosphere that we were after. (Especially the bass player who was definitely feeling the music (Apologies, I don’t know his name)). It was great to see and all added to the awesome atmosphere that the band helped create. The mix between male and female lead vocals was spot on also.
My only regret is that I didn’t book them for longer. I could have danced all night given half the chance. And I am not the only one. So many guests have commented on how good they were and how much they enjoyed the music. And that was lovely to hear that great feedback and that it was not just me that blown away by them.
It was a perfect end to a perfect day and wanted to thank you all again, so much, for making it so special. I shall remember it for a very long time and if I get the chance, will be looking for an excuse to book you again, in order to enjoy another night of absolute pleasure.
Thanks again.
PS You were right – we did have a wicked night and you did make us very happy!! Job VERY well done! J
Neil & Joanna Cross,  Wedding in Lymington, Hants 19th May 2012

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