Freddie Wood Wedding in Lancashire – September 2012

Choosing your wedding band can often be a litle bit of an ordeal, there are just SO many to choose from, they all offer the same thing and always say exactly “the same” thing, it really is very hard to truly stand out. NOW I’m really into my music, so what mattered more than anything else was just that the music was extremely good! I really wanted to get it just right, as does everyone, so I went through them all, you mention a wedding band I’ve probably heard of them…BUT without a shadow of a doubt ‘Ambassador’; who I’m not going to call a ‘band’ because I feel that cheapens them and puts them in a bracket with everyone else; ‘AMBASSADOR’ are genuinely, a cut above the rest, another level, premier league stuff, instrumentally they are so goddam tight I’m surprised they didn’t pass out after each performance.
They are not just another “wedding band” they are a class act, incredibly professional, supremely talented funk musicians & artists. They are absolutely guaranteed to get your wedding/party/whatever the hell you bloody well want, going NUTS!
You might think ‘Oh he’s been told to say this’ & ‘course he’s going to say this, it was his wedding after all’.
NO, they are the real deal, SERIOUSLY impressive and I will recommend them to anyone I speak to. I mean they played at ‘the Savoy’ in London the night before my wedding (which is incredible as it is) and then the next day travelled all the way up to Lancashire to play at my wedding WOW! We couldn’t have been more thrilled with what you did for us, I can’t speak anymore highly of you guys! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Peace and BIG Love. GET DOWN!!! xxx ; )
Freddie Wood Wedding in Lancashire – September 2012

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