Bass Man

Sam Davies
Sam Davies

Sam is the youngest member of Ambassador but do not be fooled by his boyish good looks – this kid is a monster on the bass guitar and rolls with the best of them. Sam’s solid timing and impeccable technical skills make him stand out from the crowd, giving him the ability to provide a solid backbone to the trademark Ambassador Funky groove

Sam started playing bass at the age of 14, drawing influence from classic Motown and soul/funk records. Growing up in the south west (Barnstaple, Devon), he soon joined a rock band at secondary school and by college was showcasing his original band in Canada, America, Belgium and all around the UK.

At the age of 18 Sam decided to move to Guildford to attend the Academy of Contemporary Music and whilst attaining his hons degree he began to start session work for artists and bands. Since then Sam has performed all over Europe with various bands/artists including a performance for Nicole Kidman in Cannes, shortly followed by a performance on famous French television show ‘Taratata’ with artist Alex Hepburn alongside Joss Stone, Mika, and Leanne La Havas.

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