Lead Vocals

Elisha La'verne
Elisha La’verne

Elisha’ was an aspiring singer from a very young age and as she grew older she was constantly involved with music, be it studio work, shows or musicals.

In her late teens she worked with a producer called Trevor Davy who introduced her to Maxi Priest’s Dugout Productions. Maxi, his brother Martin Elliott and Tony Hearne (Personal Manager) helped Elisha to create her debut EP “Just Landed”. This song was being sold in HMV Tokyo Japan and eventually got to the ears of Ken Sato head of A&R for international acts at Avex Inc. Japan, Leading to Elisha signing a Major recording deal with Avex Inc Japan.

Between then and now Elisha has toured the world, sang on collaborations with Maxi Priest (Back Together Again) and also continues to front Ambassador.

In 2010 Elisha signed another recording deal with Star Base, a record company based in Tokyo Japan and went on to release her 7th album ‘361 Degrees’ On 2 March 2011 in Japan. Though Elisha had been away from the Japanese music scene for a few years ‘361 Degrees’ debuted at number 2 in the iTunes charts.

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